Adult Webcam Studio 101 – A Money Making Guide for E-pimps

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We have all heard stories of web cam models making hundreds of thousands of dollars, but what are opportunities are there for technically minded guys (and girls) who would prefer to be managers than performers? Running a professional studio requires a great deal of expertise but is ideally suited to somebody with a background in computing. No matter whether you are an acknowledged Stack Overflow expert or an anonymous coward that lurks among the Slashdot trolls, becoming a web cam studio owner is a great way to become your own boss. This book is a how-to guide on getting started before your current job is outsourced to Bangalore or replaced completely by artificial intelligence algorithms.
From selecting a location to recruiting models, this book will guide you through the process of setting up a fully functioning studio anywhere in the world. It explains all the equipment that you will need to get started as well as how to train your models and get the very best out of each one. There is a full chapter on the increasingly complex areas of model marketing and branding, as well as a very detailed look at the vast potential of off-line profits, ranging from custom videos and personalised picture sets to fetish exotica, such ‘burusera’ underwear sales and intimately flavoured pussy pops. The demand for model related products will certainly make your eyes pop. It also takes an indepth look at subjects such as teledildonics and virtual reality. This book is unique in that it even anticipates the death of the camgirl, explaining how they are quickly being replaced by AI-powered, digital chatbots. The author uses his own wide ranging experience and unique perspective to reveal one of the most profitable new industries of the new millennium.

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