CCTV Microphone Security Microphone Audio Microphone Tiny Outdoor CCTV Surveillance Microphone RCA Microphone DVR with High Sensitive Preamp Amplified Pickup Device Mic For External Camera Sound

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This CCTV security camera high gain mini preamp microphone is compatible with both residential and professional surveillance equipment. The high sensitivity detector makes this CCTV outdoor microphone perfect for recording even the quietest audible disturbance. The low noise, high fidelity tiny microphone has adjustable sensitivity to sound making is perfect for security cameras and an indispensable part of your home or commercial security system. Place the microphone on a terrace, patio, porch or hidden in an arbor, garage or any indoor room in your home for perfect audio recordings. The surveillance microphone works with your CCTV video to give you full sight and sound recordings that you can review with ease.

Our CCTV microphone is the perfect audio pickup device making it ideal for security systems that combine video and audio monitoring. Because this mic is compatible with all existing systems, you can use our RCA microphone kit with your current system or a new installation.

Made of the highest quality materials, this small mic is designed for hidden surveillance cameras, so you can install it in almost any location where it will be invisible to visitors. The clear audio recording from this CCTV mic does not produce any feedback or buzzing sounds, giving you only crisp, clear audio quality. This is the perfect audio microphone for security DVR and CCTV systems. The audio microphone easily connects to audio cables up to 500 feet long giving you plenty of length for an easy installation with no loss of quality. You can connect the audio cable 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 to your microphone generating the clearest sound with your system. You need to protect them from rain or snow and they work fine.

Plug and Play
Power supply: DC 6V ~~ 12V
Work Current: 10mA
Frequency response: 300 ~~ 5500Hz
Item model number: 008 / US

  • BEST CCTV MICROPHONE FOR SECURITY CAMERA ON THE MARKET - This security microphone for CCTV security camera is compatible with devices that accept AV input, like DVR, VCR, TV, and any low-frequency amplifiers
  • AUDIO MICROPHONE HAS Qualitative Preamplifier used to increase a microphone's low output voltage to a stronger usable level. High Sensitive Audio Sound Pick Up. CCTV DVR audio microphone is guaranteed to work more than 5,000 hours.
  • SURVEILLANCE MICROPHONE HAS High gain and auto level adjustment + sensitivity adjustment. Qualitative elements and the modern design of the microphone make it the leader in the US market.
  • THE SUPER HIGH GAIN micro audio system has power DC 6 - 12V, 13 inches cable attached to the 3 connectors. Low Noise, High - Fidelity, Frequency response: 300~~5500Hz.
  • SURVEILLANCE DVR MICROPHONE - PERFECT GIFT IDEA. What are You waiting for? Click the Add to Cart Botton to Order NOW!

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