How to Start a Shopify Dropshipping Store Using Aliexpress & Oberlo (No Money Required Upfront)

Alright. Welcome! Today I’m gonna be teaching you how to start a Shopify drop shipping store from scratch using AliExpress and the Oberlo app. We’re gonna be importing products from AliExpress and then selling them at a markup to customers on our store. This is really the base of the drop shipping model that’s so popular these days because it basically just works. The products that we’re gonna be choosing on AliExpress are generally from one to $10, and we’re gonna be able to sell those at more than a 100% markup just due to the market that we’re gonna be targeting. And really, the benefits of this model is that it doesn’t require any money upfront from you because what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna get a free 14-day trial to go ahead and get started with the platform. And then also when a customer purchases from our store, we’re gonna be able to use their money to purchase the product from AliExpress at the much cheaper rate and take the leftover money as profit. So it’s a really, really popular method of making money online these days and it’s because it works. You will have to put in time and effort in order to figure out how everything works.

But if you’re willing to put in the work, then you’ll definitely be able to see positive results. If you want some really beneficial A to Z kinda training, then I would recommend looking in the description because I have a free eBook that goes over a lot of the small details that’ll really benefit you that I just won’t cover in this video but are definitely important when starting your Shopify drop shipping store. Also, I have a $10 Udemy course that you can purchase that goes over a lot of conversion rate optimization which is crucial, crucial to actually getting profitable with Shopify. Because just because you’re making money it might not be enough to cover advertisement costs and that’s something I really, really go over and really dive deep into. I go from a fresh store from scratch all the way to purchasing traffic and show you everything in between.

It’s really content-filled. But for this video, let me go ahead and jump into a demo store I’ve named Furry Paw. So when you are choosing your store with the trial, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “niche” that you’re going into. I chose Furry Paw based off of the notion that I’m gonna be selling pet related products. So cats and dogs, Furry Paw. There’s a ton of niches that you can choose. You can choose a general store to test products, and then if you find a winning product, it’s a good idea to just create a niche store around that product. And if you’re looking for what kind of a niche is and what you’re kinda…

Some example niches, I have in the free training that I offer. I have 100 free niches that you can choose from to kinda help you get started and I also have more niche research training available inside. But for now, let’s go to apps. And so the two apps I would recommend you have right at the start in order to start being profitable is the Oberlo app and the In Cart Upsell app by Awesome Software. Oberlo is crucial for just getting products onto your store. It’s kind of the middle software that we use in order to take products from AliExpress and put ’em onto our store. And then it also is our order fulfillment software where we go through the app in order to get the products purchased from AliExpress and fulfilled when the customer purchased them from our store. It’s a super useful app and it’s free for the first 50 orders a month so go ahead and pick that up.

And if you do get more than 50 orders a month, you’ll likely be very profitable and be able to cover the small charge that comes with having the app after that. And then In Cart Upsell is important because about 20% of your customers will purchase an upsell if you offer it to them, so that’s 20% of people will give you a boost in revenue. So just having this app, which is also free, can instantly make your store more profitable which is why I recommend having it. There’s really no downside to it. Now I wanna go into Online Store. I would recommend choosing a free theme right at the start.

For one, it’s free so it’s less money you have to invest into the entire process to start making money. And two, the free themes generally are very “simple,” like the simple theme I have installed right now, in that they’re just very blank. They’re minimalistic. They display your products in a very clean way which is a very popular ecommerce strategy at the moment. These free themes are actually very, very professional-looking. They can definitely drive profitability to your store right off the bat and they look great, so I would just go with a free one. Debut is what your store will initially come on so you can choose that one. It looks okay, but I like Simple a little bit better which is also free. Another one I really like is Brooklyn if you’re selling fashion-related products.

And then also Brooklyn and then… There’s one more. Oh, Minimalist. Yeah. One that’s actually called Minimalist. So I would choose from those, but now let’s go to Pages. I wanna show you a few pages that you must have set up. Oh, I haven’t set all of ’em up but you’re gonna want an About Us page, a Contact Us page, a Refund Policy page, a Privacy Policy page, and a Terms of Service page. And you can look up online some example templates for these pages, and I believe Shopify also gives you free templates when you’re going in… You can actually go into I believe Preferences and get them automatically generated for you.

But you’re gonna want these pages for a couple of reasons. One, Google loves these pages and they’re gonna give you precedents in the search engines if you have these pages. And so that’s just gonna drive free traffic to your store and give you the chance to be profitable by just having Google place you higher in the search engines and on your product pages because you have these pages on your store, if that makes sense. And then another reason why you want these is because when a customer does land on your store, if you don’t have these pages it can be a black eye on your store and it will lead to decreased conversions in the long run unless people will trust your store.

So this is a really good way to just give your store added trust, added brand, verifying your brand is legitimate. It’s really important, it does increase conversions, so definitely take the time to flesh these pages out. And then in the navigation, you’re gonna have a footer menu which is where I would put all of those legal pages, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us. Main menu I would have the Home page. It’s gonna say catalogue, I changed it to Shop ’cause I think ‘shop’ looks better than ‘catalogue.’ And then I also include Contact Us. And then I add another menu and name it Shop or Catalogue, if you still have it as Catalogue. And then I put the different collections or sub-niches that I want on my store based off of the collection names, which I’ll go over in a little bit, for the products I’m importing.

For example, this store is dogs and cat lovers at the moment, so my shop is gonna have a sub menu of dog lovers and cat lovers. And this really just makes your store look more professional and while at the same time displaying all your products in a very easily accessible way to the customer. So now let’s go ahead and get into AliExpress and start importing some products. A really good one example of what I wanna… Of a product that I’m gonna show you are these LED dog collars. People have actually made millions of dollars selling these light-up dog collars from AliExpress and just marking them up to about $or maybe $19.99, $even if you can find really cheap traffic.

And the reason why you make money with this method is that these dog collars themselves are $each so they’re dirt, dirt cheap and these are quality products still that customers would be willing to pay $for. People do it all the time. The reason these are so cheap is that they’re sourced from China in just these massive warehouses, and the really great thing about AliExpress is it allows us to purchase these one at a time. So when we import this product into our store and the customer purchases one of these dog collars for $14 from us, we go on here and spend $plus $in shipping costs with the e-packet. We’re looking at $that we’re spending for the product when they pay us $14, we’re making $11 profit from that customer.

There is gonna be some advertising costs but generally, you could expect to pay maybe $5 for that customer so you’re gonna end up making $6 in total profit just off that one customer. So it’s really, really crucial that you find really good products like this one. I knew this was a good product so I’m gonna kinda delve deeper into it to show you some other things you wanna look for. When you’re on the actual product page itself, you’re gonna wanna make sure that this store’s been opened for at least I would say two years just so you know that it’s not gonna run out of…

They’re not gonna just go out of business randomly or anything like that. You’re gonna wanna make sure that there are lots of votes and then that the votes are positive, so five star reviews, lots of votes. You aren’t gonna wanna use the free shipping to United States via China Post simply because it takes 20 to 39 days, which is simply too long for shipping times, so you’re gonna wanna choose e-packet. And e-packet is still a bit of time. It says 12 to 20 days but it’s usually around 12 to 15 days if you’re shipping to America. And you will have some chargebacks or some refunds that are gonna be requested due to the long shipping times, but this is really the fastest way to get these products from China to the customer in the United States. And out of 10 customers you have, maybe two will demand a refund.

And if you’re making $6 profit per customer, then you’re gonna make $60 minus what, $8 in refunding them their money or however much that is, you’re gonna end up still making $50. So it’s just a part of doing business but drop shipping itself is a really, really great way to get started. And if you find a really great product and really great niche, then you can scale it up to a six-figure business like overnight. That’s really how great the platform is.

And then one more thing you’re gonna look for when you’re on these pages are the amount of pieces available just so that you know you’re not gonna run out of collars, or the supplier’s not gonna run out of collars or the product while you have orders backed up. This has 19,000 pieces so I know this is a really legitimate quality seller. I don’t know if you can see this but up here there’s the Chrome extension from Oberlo. And when you’re actually in your store on the app page and you have the Oberlo app, make sure you’re on Google Chrome, but they’ll give you a little blurb right here to get the Chrome extension added to your Google Chrome.

And it’s crucial to have this just so you can import from AliExpress really easily, so go ahead and make sure that you have the Chrome extension. You can also just Google “Oberlo Google Chrome extension” and it’ll be the first search result. But it’s this button right here, so I’m just gonna click it, and then I add this product to my import list. And the products have been imported. I’m gonna show you one more product just so you can have a really good solid understanding of this. So I’m gonna choose this, looks like studded dog caller, also another good product. This one’s a little bit more expensive. It’s at $3-ish for the rhinestone dog collar, but still really cheap. I might price this one in my store at $17 just so I can keep my profit margins really high and then I’m gonna choose e-packet. Let’s say I’m spending $4, $to get this product to the customer and I’m selling it for $17. Well then I’m still making $13, and if my advertising costs are pretty low, I’m gonna be profitable. But again, make sure that this is a quality retailer.

They’ve been open for three years, they have lots of positive votes, they have tons of pieces available, 150,000, and they also deliver in 12 to 20 days with e-packet, so I know this is legitimate. I’m gonna import this one. And so now I’m gonna open the import list in Oberlo to show you. Here are the products, and real fast I’m gonna come down to the settings. The global pricing rules is automatically Oberlo is gonna price the products based off of a multiplier that you set in the global pricing rules. Right now it’s at 3x, so if I had a product imported from AliExpress for $2 on my Shopify store, it’s gonna show up $6. I usually don’t go off of whatever the set the multiplayer is. I like to play with the pricing myself and I think that’s the best way to be profitable. But if you want just kind of a quick and fast way to get a lot of products imported in your store to kinda help fill out and flesh out the store really fast, you could just go with the 3x multiplier. Suppliers. This section is important to edit really fast. Make sure that you’re choosing e-packet right here.

This will save you time in the long run because you don’t have to go in and edit each individual order saying, “I want e-packet.” And I’m gonna show you in the future how to fulfill orders with Oberlo and you’ll kinda understand what I’m saying. I’m gonna make another video for that but, I would also put in your own phone number or just a throwaway phone number like 555-55555 or whatever, just so that you don’t have to input a phone number all the time over and over again when you’re getting orders. And then I’ll also include a custom note saying that, “This is a drop shipping item. Please don’t include any promotional materials in the packaging,” just so that the costumer doesn’t know that some Chinese retailer shipped this item and I purchased it for $4 when the customer purchased it for $17.

Don’t want anything sketchy like that happening. So that’s all I’m gonna show you here. So that in the import list, back to import list, I’ll show you kinda what you can edit before you push the product to your actual store. You’re gonna wanna get rid this keyword stuff title that AliExpress has really that this supplier’s just keyword stuff so they show up high on the search results on AliExpress because they know people are drop shipping these products.

I’m gonna change the name to ‘LED dog collar.’ And then over here I set up collections in my store already, dog lovers and cat lovers you saw. And when you’re setting up collections, you can set up conditions and one of conditions I have for which products go where is that you can tag products. So whenever I use the tag ‘dog’, it shows up in the collection as a… Or it gets tagged with dog and the collection picks up that it has the dog tag and then pushes it to the dog lovers collection automatically, which I’ll show you in a sec.

And it’s the same with cat. If this was a cat related product, then I would type in ‘cat’ and it would go to my cat lovers collection. And if I had a horse tag, it would go to my horse lovers collection, if I had one. That’s just kinda how that works. The description, you’re generally gonna wanna edit this and say something like, “Buy our amazing dog collars, 50% off today,” or whatever. You’re just basically selling the customer on your product. In my advanced training, I show you how you’re gonna want to sell the customer and how you can increase conversions with really detailed and fleshed-out product descriptions, but I’m gonna skip that for now.

But you can go ahead and look at that at your leisure. And so now we’re in the variants section. Don’t edit the SKUs but you can change the colors to match the pictures. Sometimes the AliExpress suppliers have janky color styles that’ll say something like, “Color one, color two,” weird shit like that. So definitely change it to just match, look professional. If you were a customer in the store, think about this. How would you want to look at all the products? Would you want “style one” or “color one” to describe the thing you’re buying and just have some random image associated with “color one?” Or would you just want it to say ‘blue?’ Think about it that way. Sizing you don’t probably wanna mess with ’cause that’s just how it is. But then the cost, this is how much it costs on AliExpress. And then you can change all the prices. So I’m gonna change it right now to $14.95. And so by changing all the prices right here, it edits all of these prices for every variant. Oh and let’s say for example, I didn’t want to have any of these green ones in my store, then I can just simply uncheck mark the green selections and now the green variant won’t show up in my store, so there’s that too.

And then if you wanted to run a sale on your store, up here if you see the compared at price, you can set a new value. And if you set it higher than the price, it’ll show in your store that this product is on sale. But if you leave the compared at price at just whatever it was, then it’ll just show the regular price. And having sale tags on a few select products can really help boost conversions on those products. I’ll show you in a minute when we get into the actual store what I mean by the sale tags. But you definitely don’t wanna have it on all of the products because it can make your store look a little tacky to have everything on sale.

But yeah, you can use it select, so I’ll just do it for this one. And then the images, make sure that there’s no bad images showing up. The green check mark shows what’s gonna be imported to your store and the non checkmark ones will be left out. The AliExpress platform kind of just scrapes a ton of images from the AliExpress page. You obviously wouldn’t want these ones imported to your store. But I like all those products, so I’m gonna push this product to the shop and now it is actually on the Shopify store. So this is how it kinda works. And really fast I’m gonna edit this one just to kinda show you. So dog tag, I’m gonna edit that. But you want to… I’m gonna change the price to $17.95. Also pricing wise, I don’t know if you know this but, having your products priced at 95 cents and 99 cents has been proven to increase conversions. I like to go between 95 cents and 99 cents, so just keep that in mind. Don’t do like, $18, do $17.99, or $17.95. It’s just better psychology for the customer.

And I’m not gonna have this one on sale just because, again, I don’t want the store to look tacky by having all of my products on sale. And then just look at the images, make sure they look good. The ones in green are gonna get pushed. Alright, perfect. So I’m gonna push this to the shop and now I’m gonna go into my shop. Products. And so here are the products. So I’m gonna click on one. A few things I want you to know. So the description, again, you don’t want these randomly generated AliExpress descriptions.

You’re gonna wanna edit that and make it nice. Dog lovers, if you see right here, it’s been automatically added to the dog lovers collection based off the tag ‘dog’ that I have right there. And here are all the variants and all the color options. And then down here I’m gonna edit for the SEO. If you’re not good at SEO, don’t worry. All I would say is just put your store name with a dash on all your products. That’s really easy SEO to do and that’ll help brand your whole store in the long run. And then also make a nice rich meta description describing the product and use some keywords like, ‘LED dog collar,’ ‘light up dog collar,’ something like that just to give you more chance of showing up in the relevant Google search terms for your product it get some free traffic to your store in the long run. So then I’m gonna save, okay. Now if we look at the store really fast.

Again, we’re using the Simple theme, so it’s very simple but you’re going to probably wanna purchase a logo from If you haven’t heard of that place, it’s basically a freelancing website, but it costs $5 to purchase some really quality designs. You can just tell them, for example, I could get a logo with a paw in the middle that says “Furry” with a paw and then paw, with a nice font and nice design. There’s really quality designs on there, just type in ‘logo design’ on the search up there. You’ll probably get rid of this ‘talk about your brand,’ which you can do right here. Actually, I’ll show you really fast. So you can customize the theme. And on the home page I’m just gonna get rid of this ‘talk about your brand.’ And then you can also add other things, like if I wanted to add… If I wanted to say something like, “New products,” or whatever, you can go ahead and edit this. The home page though isn’t super important, it’s more about the product pages themselves in terms of conversion rate optimization, at least at the start when you’re just testing individual products.

But I like to have a nice clean home page with a nice logo and maybe a discount banner I would include, but that’s kind of something I show in the more advanced training. Again, in my advanced training, I show you all these and how you an edit all these to make your store a lot more likely to get conversions, so there’s that. And then back on the actual product. Again, you see “Shop” and you have the two collections. And so if I go to dog lovers, here at these. And real fast, I wanted to let you know something. A really quick tip is to change these colors to orange and the ‘Add to cart’ button to orange.

That has been proven time and time again to have best chance of having really high conversions. But again, it’s also based off your store’s color scheme I would say and what looks best overall, but this is kind of just a basic product page. Again, in my training, I go over a lot of small details on the product page and your store in general which will help you go from not being profitable to profitable.

So if you’re struggling with actually getting profitable, then I definitely recommend looking at my training ’cause it really, really benefits you. Another quick thing to note is when you do sign up for the 14-day Shopify trial I believe, don’t quote me on this, but I believe you get $100 in free Google AdWords credit. And if you’ve never used Google AdWords, it’s a great platform to start advertising your products. And if you spent a $100 I’m sure you’d make sales, so you can just use that money to reinvest back into your business, kinda have some more data to understand which products perform best for you.

In future videos I’m gonna get down to Facebook ads, how to start doing Instagram influencers, all that jazz to help you get really cheap profitable traffic to your store, but this is just kind of an overall tutorial of how Oberlo, AliExpress, drop shipping on Shopify works. Definitely like, comment, and subscribe ’cause I’m gonna be releasing a lot of future content that’s really gonna help you become profitable with ecommerce.

Again, it’s one of the most popular methods in making money in 2017, and in the future 2018, 2019, it’s just gonna… The ecommerce business is just really expanding rapidly right now and there’s no reason why you can’t get your own slice of the pie by having a really nice branded store, and being smart with the products that you’re importing and pricing everything properly. I think that’s everything I’m gonna cover for today.

So yeah, go ahead and like, comment, subscribe, and I will see you soon. Alright, take care. Bye bye..