Lutema 2.4GHz Heligram Flight Simulator Remote Control Helicopter with LED SkyText Technology, Red

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The Lutema Heligram Flight Simulator R/C Helicopter with LED SkyText Technology definitely stands out from ordinary RC helicopters. It has all the standard features you expect out of a modern RC helicopter, like a 3.5 channel control, internal gyro for stability, coaxial rotors, speed control and LED lights. But the features that totally put this RC helicopter in another class, is the equipped LED light ribbon. With the included PC CD-ROM software, you can hook the Lutema Heligram to your computer and input a personalized message of your choice, Fly it and watch your message light up below the rotor blades! Display your own customized message with the Heligram 3.5CH RC Helicopter, everyone will see it! With the addition of a small rotor blade covered with a strip of LEDs, it can be programmed to display dot-matrix text or icons which emerge while the blades spin, thanks to a “persistence of vision” illusion, messages are displayed to those watching it from below. It comes with easy to use software for programming the Lutema Heligram to display any custom message you want. The helicopters remote control is also unique, instead of the “dual joystick” ordinary remote, it comes with a realistic fully featured HOTAS (or Hands On Throttle-and-Stick) designed remote! Not only does it add a realistic look and feel to the controls, but it provides simulated force feedback for an even greater flying experience.

  • Display your own message on the helicopter blades while flying!!!
  • Can maneuver in all directions, 3.5 Channel, Dual Speed, Gyro 360 for Improved Flight Stability
  • 2.4Ghz Extended Range Technology, 100 Feet Range, HOTAS Designed Remote, Throttle Feedback, In-Flight Sounds
  • Up to 12 Lines of Text, Create your own Logo, easy to use Soft Ware (Disc Included)

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