PS4 Slim Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Dual Controller Charging Station 3 Extra USB HUB Port for Playstation 4 PS4

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PS4 Slim Vertical Stand  with Cooling Fan Dual Controller Charging Station 3 Extra USB HUB Port for Playstation 4 PS4 

Product Description:

Vertical Stand Cooler Fan & Charging Station — a technology-savvy piece of equipment!

The entire stand is powered by plugging the small USB cable at the front into the PS4 Slim / PS4’s USB once you’ve set it into the vertical stand.


Small and compact design — The stand comes in one piece with versatile functions, it saves much room to keep PS4 / Slim console and controllers organized and it is super easy to set up and use.

Keep PS4 / Slim from overheating — The stand has 2 built-in cooler fans which runs from the power from the PS4 / Slim console, can effectively dissipate heat and keep the console cool when gaming.

Dual controller chargers — The stand has 2 built-in charging stations for controllers,which charge your controllers simultaneously when having your PlayStation on, super simple but it is very efficient.

Three extra HUB ports — In the front of the stand, there are 3 HUB ports that can be used to transfer your data or to charge other things with, super convenient for more facilities.


Product size: L 365 x W 150 x H 38 mm

Net Weight: 398 g

Fan Size: 70x70x15 mm

Fan Current: 230 mA

2* High Speed Fans

2* Controller Charging Ports

3* HUB Ports


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