Samsung Galaxy S9 – Nine Things To Know!

Hey, how’s it going? Dave 2D here. So there’s been a lot of Samsung S9 and S9 plus rumours that have been floating around the web But a couple of days ago a really big tell was leaked. It was a GeekBench score Not just like a photo of one, but there was a recorded GeekBench score that was uploaded to the GeekBench database and that is HUGE because you can’t fake those things or it’s incredibly difficult to fake those things and so with that GeekBench score you could confirm a lot of things that have been rumored about this phone So let’s just get right into it, the first thing is the build. It’s gonna look very similar to the S8 and the S8 plus like to the untrained eye It’s gonna be very difficult to tell them apart Same kind of design, same kind of aesthetic, same kind of form factor, power button, volume rocker, Bixby button It’s all there. The big tell though is on the back and that’s the second thing the fingerprint sensor has been moved into a better location so a lot of people didn’t like the fact that the S8, the S8 plus and the Note 8 all had the fingerprint sensor kind of slightly on to the right not the most ideal position because I think your finger would sometimes confuse the camera lens as being the sensor and just, it was difficult to nail it each time It’s now placed right in the middle directly underneath the camera And this should make it easier for most people to hit that fingerprint sensor basically every time they reach for the phone.

Another thing that’s been kind of confirmed is the processors. This thing is now running a Snapdragon 845, which is the new one from Qualcomm And it’s a pretty substantial increase in performance over the Snapdragon 835. We’re looking at a 25% increase in performance maybe a little bit more But keep in mind that the S8 and the S8 Plus are still really fast So I mean I wouldn’t go running out to buy the new phone just because the small CPU upgrade. So with that Snapdragon 845 though also comes a nice camera upgrade so the video processing capabilities are improved It should be able to record 4k at 60 frames per second But the crazier thing is the slow motion so the Snapdragon 845 is supposed to be able to do 720p at 480 frames per second. That is super slow-motion, so I want to test that thing out when it comes with that camera stuff though is the whole thing about the two different cameras of the S9 and the S9 Plus are going to have different camera configurations right now the S8 and S8 Plus both have the same camera; both single-lens S9 is gonna have a single lens, S9 plus is gonna have two lenses stacked in a vertical configuration Just one on top of each other so if you’re into the whole like depth stuff and just having a secondary camera S9 plus is gonna be your choice.

Now looking back to that Geekbench score that S9 Plus is actually rocking six gigs of ram It’s only got five and change available but six gigs of RAM in the bigger model four gigs of RAM on the smaller S9 The most exciting change for me, though And this is gonna sound really stupid for some people is that the S9 and the S9 Plus will finally have stereo speakers. I feel like this is something that’s been missing from the Galaxy line forever. Like, it just never made sense to me that something with this kind of build quality, and this kind of premium awesomeness didn’t have stereo speakers It finally will have it Alright, number seven on the list the iris and facial recognition on the S9 should be significantly better than the S8, so I feel like facial recognition stuff is just kind of popping up in mass right now especially with the iPhone X doing their stuff This phone like the S8 didn’t have a great facial recognition system.

Samsung been putting this tech in their phones for a while but it’s never been amazing. S9 should be quite a bit better; high resolution camera That’s like a big thing for facial recognition stuff. Okay, headphone jack number eight that is awesome They’ve still putting in a headphone jack, and I think for a lot of people that’s super important And I think Samsung is one of the last if not the last company that’s making those premium flagship phones that are like 800-900 bucks that still includes a headphone jack, and I think a lot of people will appreciate it.

In fact I think a lot of people will actually just buy this phone Just because of that one feature which is a good thing for Samsung. Okay last thing, it’s gonna be running Android right out of the box, and they’re obviously gonna stick the Samsung skin on it now if you know me And you follow my channel you know that I don’t love skins on phones and themes on phones I just like the whole stock Android experience but I will give Samsung this they probably had the best skin of all the heavy skins from 2017 and every year, their phones get slightly less obtrusive like the software is just a little bit better of the year, a little bit less obnoxious So hopefully the S9 has some kickass software So that basically wraps it up.

S9 is gonna be kind of like a minor upgrade across the board nothing huge, nothing major, but it should be a really awesome phone because the S8 Was really really good, like nearly perfect for a lot of people and now it’s just gonna be even better. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video, thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time! (Outro).